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I compiled on this page the most frequently asked questions.

-What is a high quality numerical (digital) reproduction?

-What is the difference between photo paper, Arch paper and canvas?

-What can I do with my reproduction?

-What is a certificate of authenticity?

-Is it possible to order the catalogue?

-I would like to organize an exhibition of ONE artiste art work, what is to be done?

-Are you available for a collaboration, poster of film, case of disc etc?

-Do you search models?

What is a high quality numerical (digital) reproduction?

Digital reproduction is the pinnacle of printing, it is now the high-end standard of the entire world of arts. Here’s how I get the desired results: 

In a photo studio, my paintings are photographed by a professional photographer who uses high definition cameras. 

I personally treat the chromium, light and contrast of digital images on the screen. The digital data allows brilliant and intense colors, high precision in details and thus a fidelity to the original. 

Large digital file formats are produced and are used to print large quality formats without compression artefacts.

Large format digital printers using six basic colors applied by micro-jet produce up to one million drops of ink per second creates the final high-resolution product.

Pigmented inks are evaluated to a standard of 150 years without any discoloration according to the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute. They are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and are not afraid of splashing water. 

Each print job output from the printer is processed one at a time and handle with care. 

According to your tastes, printing can be done on different types of supports: canvas, photo paper, arch paper …

Each reproduction print is numbered according to the limited edition and signed by me. Each print becomes ‘Artwork’ with its own certificate of authenticity.

What is the difference between picture paper, arch paper and canvas?

Acid-free arch paper is the most upmarket best Fine Art papers in the world with it’s museum quality. It looks like an old parchment paper. It is mainly composed of cotton paper. The results on this paper are superior to any other paper because of its brilliance of colors, its longevity and color retention.

Canvas is made of woven natural cotton. It is slightly textured, soft and can be stretched on a wooden frame. A reproduction on canvas recreates an ‘’art gallery atmosphere’’ just like the original artist painting but without the real texture. Canvas provides exceptional durability and does not require finishing varnishes or any kind of maintenance.

Picture paper prints are done on a pro paper. This is a satin, high quality paper that offers bright colors and exceptional level of details. The quality of this material is far superior to a poster or standard paper.  It is a reliable choice, perfect for inexpensive large format prints.  

In order to ensure that your Art print shows off both the image contents and the printed material quality and or to stretch on a wood frame, I will reduce the picture size and add white margins so that your picture stands out on the white paper background. The final print dimensions will be the dimensions that you ordered.

What can I do with my reproduction?

Acid-free arch paper and picture paper art prints can be glued to an acid-free foam board. For a very long lasting and chic result, I suggest getting it framed with a Marie-Louise (mat made of tissue) or a carton coloured acid-free mat with a finishing glass.

Canvas can be stretched over a wood frame and stapled in the back.  It could also be framed. 

What is a certificate of authenticity ?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a numbered and signed document proving the authenticity of my art work and containing details for the collector’s reference.  I include a picture of the art work on the certificate and stamp a signed crest over it for further security of authenticity.


Is it possible to order the catalogue?

Yes, there are catalogues with different collections available, please ask us directly in the <Contact> section.

Is it possible to make accomplish / order a picture of ONE artiste?

Yes it is possible, make your request directly in the “contact” form.

I would like to organize an exhibition of ONE artiste art work, what is to be done?

As for exhibitions, the organization of an exhibition is complex. paintings cannot be rolled, they must be transported on stretchers. On the other hand, more the country is far, more the expense of the shipping is expensive, the taxes of custom houses return ticket are more or less important from a country to the other one but they are always expensive. There is insurance also who are in pro-rata of the value of paintings etc but you can apply directly on the site in the “contact” form. (exhibitions out of CANADA are possible)

Are you available for a collaboration, poster of film, case of disc etc?

ONE artiste is always available for interesting and inventive plans. For any request use the site’s “contact” form on this site.

Do you search for models?

ONE artiste is always in search of models. It is necessary that he or she comes to make a photo session to the workshop.