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About Us

The mission of team one is to democratize art and make it accessible to everyone. We would like to connect with people who love art. We want to offer a unique, personal and enriching experience. For team one, art is a medium for connecting people’s experiences and feelings. One is “one with yourself and the world”. Do to be or be to do

Louise Lajeunesse

Artist Louise Lajeunesse is from St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Art from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She silently works in her studio on her art until she is satisfied with her achievements. She divides her artistic practice into three sections. The first section is his practice of oil painting on canvas. She uses two types of technique for these paintings.

The first technique is what she called “one by one” which draws its influences from the pointillism of Henri Matisse. Using brushes ambidextrously, she paints her paintings point by point. As for the second technique used, his inspiration comes from the fauvism of Henri Matisse. She uses the pictorial qualities of the naked human being to transcribe the purity and equality before the absolute of it. His works having the influence of Matisse’s Fauvism can be compared to stained glass. She uses strong colors and outlines to create sometimes closed and sometimes open forms in the bodies she represents. The second section of his practice is represented by his abstract works. For these works, she uses grout mediums such as epoxy mixed with color pigments and glues. The themes represent her inspiring earth from the sky, explosions of color, abstract circles, angels and demons. His vast experience with different kinds of epoxy allows him to create original paintings made up of thousands of colors with different textures. For the third section of her artistic practice, she uses the medium of sand to transmit through performances her gestures forming faces inspired by music. She films her performances to keep a semblance of continuity to the work that is ephemeral in performance.

Carolane Boucher

Originally from Sainte-Thérèse, she did her Baccalaureate in visual and media arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal. She continued her university course in psychology to achieve her goal of art therapy. Currently on her way to achieving this goal, she joins the one team to share her passion for art and its benefits. She believes it is important to make art accessible to everyone and to democratize it. She believes that art is unique to everyone and that anyone can create works without being part of an artistic elite.

Koryne Larocque

Originally from Laval, Koryne has a DEC in Micropublishing and Hypermedia. They enjoy the medium of photography, body painting and projection. They are in the process of having their Bachelor of Graphic Design. Art for them represents freedom of expression to the highest degree, without art the world would be mundane. By being part of Team One, they would like to share their passion for art with other amateurs across the planet. 

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