The artiste One artiste Louise Lajeunesse
The artiste Louise Lajeunesse beside one of her Canvas
The Artist One

Words from the artist

Welcome to my site One artiste! It’s my pleasure to offer all my collections on this website, created with all my heart for you.   

I did not choose ONE as my artist name. This name imposed itself upon me, following my inspiration, my rythm, in the present moment, allowing me to do and be all at once.  Feeling ONE with the matter, with the subject, ONE with my art, ONE with the work and ONE with the whole Universe.   My temperament guides my hand and reveals my authentique style. 

My techniques are unique to me, techniques that translate what my inner voice wants to express. My drawings are born from my hands with sand. My technique best characterized as "Pop Art" is inspired by pointillism and divisionism and reveals the influence of the colors and the style of the painter Henri Matisse and Seurat among others. This technique, which I named One by One, uses brush strokes without slippage. As far as my "Art Deco" style is concerned, I creates textures and colors to the infinite of my imagination with chemicals, powder pigments and glues.  


I was born in St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada. Bachelor of Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal. I work in my own studio and own my own independent gallery. My work ceases only when I am satisfied with my achievement.   My animated brush strokes bring out the light that I want to project on the world.

My compositions portray powerful characters. My "Pop Art" works are essentially oils on a canvas. Large formats that show characters fully. They transcend human nature, nakedness testifies to purity, equality before the absolute, and the gaze pierces the soul. This predilection for the full-length portrait allows me to explore the anatomy, psychology and spirituality of the human being, my great passion creating the deep eyes of the soul in each characters the heart of my work.   As far as "Art Deco" is concerned, these are mixed media composed of several chemical fluids, powder pigments and glues. My themes are inspired by: earth seen from the sky, explosions of colors, abstract circles, angels and demons .... My very extensive experience with the use of chemicals allows me to create original paintings composed of thousands of colors and textures.
The textures are the result of spontaneous and random gestures, dictated by my effervescent temperament.
The canvas border finish is to increase the sculptural effect of my canvases.   I'm skilled as well with a hammer, an architect's plan, saws, sand or a brush.... I use my many creative and manual skills to create textures and colors in a style that is immediately noticed.   To discover my universe "ONE artiste" is to dive into an ocean of textured colors, colorful shapes while letting ourselves be carried by harmonious currents, positive energies that transcend us.





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